July 12, 2018

Comparing Secure Shredding Companies: Telling Good From Bad

When it comes to the safe-keeping of data, organisations need to understand that their responsibility does not end when the data leaves their organisation. Some documents, after a period, might be considered obsolete. However, they might still have confidential personal information on them – names, addresses, phone numbers, IC numbers. Once these documents leave your organisation, there is no way to track them and you will not be able to know in whose hands the data might end up.

By engaging secure shredding companies, risks of a data breach are mitigated. So, what should you look for when engaging a 3rd party data destruction company?

Who has access to the documents?

  • It is important to verify with your potential vendor who exactly will come into contact with your documents, when, how often and under what circumstances. The right shredding company will keep the number of people involved to a minimum and will involve you or someone from your organisation in the process as much as possible. In the case of Shred-it, organisations place documents directly into a secure, locked console. Only authorised Shred-it staff and a designated member of your organisation will have access to the contents of the console, minimizing the risk of a data breach.

How and where are your documents destroyed?

  • It’s your organisation’s responsibility to be completely aware of the steps that the data destruction company is going to take when it comes to the destruction of your documents. Some recycling companies might ship your documents abroad for processing, which introduces additional risks during transit as well as legal complications since different countries have different data security legislation in place. The right data destruction company will have a strict chain of custody that's adhered to by all employees, with minimal touchpoints before secure destruction. Shred-it ensures a secure lifecycle from the moment documents are placed in the console, and you’ll receive a certificate stating that the documents were securely destroyed.

What happens to the documents after they are destroyed?

  • Now that your documents have been destroyed, what happens to the shredded remains? A responsible data destruction company will securely recycle these materials, aiding your organsation's sustainability plan. 

A data leak from your company’s unneeded documents can have just as serious consequences as a hack or other any other security breach, putting you at risk of regulatory fines and reputation damage. Learn how a secure document destruction company can assist you in protecting your entire workplace, your business and the confidential information of your clients.

Start Protecting Your Business 

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