Shred-it Ensures Your E-waste is Safe and Secure

Posted  July 01, 2018  by  Jenny Green

Licensed under the General Waste Disposal Facilities (GWDF) licensing scheme, Shred-it takes pride in ensuring secure disposal of e-waste and recycling procedures in compliance with the standards set out by the National Environment Agency (NEA). The NEA has been licensing GWDFs since August 2017, as part of its efforts to safeguard public health and the environment. This is to ensure that all e-waste generated is managed effectively and efficiently in Singapore.    

On World Environment Day this year, the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) announced its continued commitments to protect the environment and working closely with NEA to achieve this. In addition, MEWR is also implementing a mandatory e-waste management system[1] by 2021 to make it easier for the public to recycle e-waste. With such initiatives underway, it is important for organisations to use a trusted service provider who can not only destroy e-waste securely, but also in a manner that benefits the environment. At Shred-it, organisations can be sure that their e-waste such as hard disk drives are destroyed securely with environmental sustainability in mind.

Secure e-waste disposal – definitely not e-waste of your efforts

E-waste, simply put, is the end of an electronic product’s “useful life”, which includes all recyclable and non-recyclable electronic products, including your computers, televisions, fax machines, mobile phones and hard disks. When electronic products are no longer needed, they are frequently discarded in the regular waste bin. While that may be a convenient method of disposal, users of those electronic products may be subjecting the environment and themselves to serious harm. E-waste that is left unrecycled presents a lost recycling opportunity. Heavy metals can be extracted from e-waste using proper recycling procedures, which can then be reused by manufacturers to make new products. In addition, many electronic devices store personal details, ranging from text messages and contact lists to more confidential information such as credit card details. E-waste that is not destroyed securely can be easily retrieved by data mongers and can have detrimental consequences for organisations and individuals alike. In addition, e-waste needs to be disposed safely because of the heavy metals and hazardous substances contained in it are harmful to the environment.

Protect the environment and your personal data at the same time  

 As a licensed service provider under the National Environment Agency (NEA), Shred-it gives organisations the opportunity to recycle their e-waste the right way, with hard drive and media destruction services for devices ranging from old CD-ROMs or USB drives to magnetic back-up tapes and hard disks. Shred-it uses state-of-the-art destruction machinery to destroy e-waste and applies a secure chain of custody protocol in the destruction of your physical data to ensure its complete destruction. 

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[1] Channel NewsAsia. (2018). Compulsory e-waste management system to be enforced by 2021. [online] Channel NewsAsia. Available at: [Accessed 1 June 2018]

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