What is the Best Way to Store Paper Documents?

Whether your business is back in the office full-time or working to a hybrid model, a cluttered desk is still a security risk. Secure document storage and records management is essential for ensuring data security. Without it, your confidential information could fall into the wrong hands and result in a data breach.

There are many different options for document storage depending on the types and amount of documents your business is producing. And it is important to choose the best option for your business that will ensure the most security and organisation.

Types of Document Storage

Traditional Storage

This method of document filing utilises an on-site filing cabinet or safe. On-site document storage comes with some measures to follow such as ensuring you invest in appropriate equipment that is secure; this could include a fire-proof safe or a lockable filing cabinet. It is a good approach for smaller businesses that may need minimal records management.

However, organisation is still vital with this method because additional security is needed to ensure your documents are safe on an ongoing basis. Knowing what documents are archived, and where, will assist this potential problem.
If on-site storage is not an option for your business, then you could pay for an off-site secure storage facility. Businesses with large document volumes will often opt for off-site document storage.

Digital Storage

This type of document filing is fantastic for saving space as it limits the need for paper file storage. Online document storage also allows remote access to documents, as well as save space within the office. 
However, going digital is not for everyone. Uploading everything online might seem daunting and without a secure network or cloud service, your archived documents could be left open to cyberattacks which could impact your brand loyalty and reputation. Investing in a trustworthy cloud service will assist in making sure your records management is secure and safe.

Document Management System

Securely and carefully archiving your documents using traditional methods such as a filing cabinet or safety box is a long-running practice for many businesses.

However, as more organisations are working remotely or in a hybrid working model, digital document storage is being used more and more frequently; and a document management system can help with this.

A document management system is a computer system or software that digitally stores your files and documents. Paper documents can also be added to document management systems by scanning them in, creating a digital copy that can be both physically and digitally stored away.

Utilising a document management system has several benefits, such as saving space in the office and allowing remote employees to have access to any documents and files at any time. This type of document storage also allows for collaborative working as employees can track, share, and amend documents quickly and effectively.

Document management is also a great security option for businesses as you do not have to invest in traditional storage methods for your documents, files, images, etc., and this also makes document management systems cost-effective.

The Steps Following Secure Records Management

Once you have set up a secure records management process, whether that is traditional or digital, it is then time to review your documents and ensure you have met GDPR guidelines and data retention periods.

If you have documents in your possession that have met these regulations, then they will require secure destruction. Shred-it offers a few ways to securely destroy your documents and hard drives to complete your records managementprocess.

Paper Shredding

Paper document storage can take up vital space while archiving documents, but our One Time Paper Shred Service will help you to declutter any non-essential documents so you only have to archive documents that you need to keep or are relevant to your business and clients.

Our One Time Paper Shred can work for many businesses, but larger operations may often need a more regular service. This is where our Regularly Scheduled Paper Shredding Service can prove cost-effective and help your confidential information stay secure.

Mobile On-Site Shredding

As well as One Time Shredding and Regularly Scheduled Shredding we also offer our customers Mobile On-Site Shredding. Mobile On-Site Shredding offers the same safe, end-to-end secure chain of custody as our off-site services but at your workplace location.

Hard Drive Destruction

Paper document storage solutions might not be an effective use of storage for a large business, so using a cloud service or hard drives are the best option. However, hard drives don’t have infinite storage, and you do not want your confidential information falling into the wrong hands. Shred-it's Hard Drive Destruction Services are specifically designed to destroy hard drives so that data can never be retrieved or reconstructed.

Find out more about our paper and hard drive destruction services by getting in touch today to see how our services can protect your business, employees, and customers.


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