How to Dispose of Computer Equipment Securely in Singapore

A survey from 2020 found that in Singapore, there were nearly 400 companies involved in manufacturing electronics such as computers and other IT equipment, which means almost 50 new manufacturers have been created since 2012. [1] This increase in electronics manufacturers is due to our growing demand for more electronic consumer goods. For example, 60% of companies interviewed by Today said they would keep their hybrid working model after COVID-19. [2] This means more computer monitors, hard drives, tablets, and other electronic devices are needed for employees to work both at home and in the office.

With employees having access to more electronic devices across various locations, secure IT destruction is a necessity for all businesses in Singapore when devices become redundant. This must be done to avoid consequences such as a data breach, and electronic waste management will help to keep your organisation’s digital data secure during the IT disposal process.

What is Electronic Waste Management?

Your organisation’s office, as well as your employees’ at home offices, are home to a plethora of electronic devices that hold a large amount of confidential data. When a device becomes old or outdated, you might find your employees asking questions such as: ‘What can I do with my old computer?’ And, ‘Can you throw a computer in the bin?’ These are valid questions, however, to maximise the security of your organisation and the data it handles, it is in your best interest to teach employees the best practices for IT disposal.

Electronic waste management is the secure disposal of electronic devices. Effective electronic waste management will aid in teaching employees of the risks associated with improper IT disposal as well as how to securely dispose of them. Often employees will think that putting old devices in the general waste bin is harmless, however, even if employees were to recycle the devices instead, data can still be retrieved from the device. Only complete IT destruction will keep your data safe from data thieves, simply wiping or deleting data from the device is not enough security and puts your organisation, customers, and employees at risk of a data breach.

Those looking to steal your data can easily retrieve it if the device is not irreparably destroyed, therefore, it is also best practice, as part of secure electronic waste management, to work alongside a secure IT destruction company, such as Shred-it, for both secure IT disposal and IT destruction.

Secure IT Destruction with Shred-it

As a leading information destruction company, we can provide secure and environmentally friendly solutions for secure IT destruction.

Protecting the environment is just as important as data security, and we can offer our customers two different IT destruction services that will involve recycling your old devices as well as disposing of them securely to minimise the risk of a data breach.

Our Hard Drive Destruction Service can securely destroy your business’ hard drives by shredding your hard drive into small pieces using industrial grade destruction equipment. This method ensures that your hard drive is irreparably destroyed so the data cannot be retrieved. And our Media Destruction Service can dispose of any other media you may have in the office, such as CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, zip disks, and USBs.

Whichever method of IT destruction you choose, both services will safely and securely dispose of your old devices so your data is permanently destroyed.

Find out more about our hard drive and media destruction services by getting in touch today to see how our services can protect your business, employees, and customers.



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