March 03, 2021

Reduce Remote Working Data Security Risks with Shred-it

Reduce Remote Working Data Security Risks with Shred-it

In 2020, COVID-19 turned our world upside down and changed business forever. Seemingly overnight, entire countries were locked down, global economies were upended and no industry was left untouched by the deepest levels of disruption seen in a generation, if not a lifetime.

One other major fallout to emerge from the pandemic was the sudden shift to remote working, as operations moved online and workforces were forced to work from home. But amid the madness, few would have foreseen just how acute the appetite for remote working was (and still is).

In fact, 65% of employees wish to continue working remotely after the pandemic while 31% prefer some form of hybrid format, according to a survey by FlexJobs1. Either way, as the crisis matures and eventually passes, it seems remote working – at least some of the time – is here to stay.

Of course, this brings many benefits for workforces around the world, such as a better work-life balance, increased productivity and time and money savings. However, what’s often overlooked are the data security risks that come with remote working.

So, if businesses are to embrace modern ways of work and make it work for them, it’s imperative cyber and physical threats are addressed. Failure to do so can compromise the motivation of your staff and the security of your personal data.

Fortunately, Shred-it protects what matters – and what matters to us is the security of your business and the welfare of your workforce. In this article, we’ll explore the data security risks currently facing organisations and how we can give you peace of mind, so you can focus on driving success in today’s fast-moving business landscape.

What are the risks of working from home?

Since the start of COVID-19, there has been a sharp rise in pandemic-induced phishing and fraud scams2. But working from home also presents many physical threats, which, if not addressed, can increase the risk of a data breach.

In addition, a failure to comply with the regulations outlined by the PDPA can result in compromising the sensitive information of your customers, clients and employees – not forgetting the fines and reputational damage that often follows.

However, even the threat of financial and reputational ruin isn’t always enough. In fact, Singaporean remote workers were likely to be aware of their organisation’s security rules but went ahead to disregard them anyway, according to ZDNet3.

So, what measures can companies take to reduce these data security risks?

1. Prepare Guidelines
Introduce a set of guidelines for remote working and the secure destruction of confidential data.

2. Train Employees
Educate staff on the best practices for secure information management and destruction.

3. Limit Access to Sensitive Data
Check employees have the right access to the right files on a need-to-know basis.

4. Secure Digital Devices
Ensure all files, devices and connections are password-protected with security settings and firewalls.

5. Secure Remote Working
Provide staff with a lockable storage box to keep important and confidential documents safe.

6. Secure Paper Documents
If possible, ensure employees return paper documents to the office, for secure storage or destruction and recycling.

7. Employ a Shred-it All Policy
Ensure all confidential documents are securely destroyed to prevent the risk of a data breach.

Stay Protected with Shred-it

By following the steps outlined above, you’ll be well on your way to reducing data security risks. However, Shred-it can also protect remote workforces with secure, purpose-built sacks to store all confidential documents when they’re no longer needed.

Staff simply seal these sacks and return them when they’re next in the office, or arrangements can be made to collect the bags from their front door for shredding. Either way, we’ll securely shred and recycle the confidential information and then issue you with a certificate of destruction.

Shred-it protects what matters and what matters to us is the security of your business. By embracing a security culture, educating employees and adhering to remote working best practices – combined with our shredding services – you can give your company every chance to prevent your personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

Get in touch today for a no-obligation quote, for services tailored to the exact needs of your business.


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