November 21, 2019

How Shred-it Protects Your Data

Ensuring your data stays safe at all times should be a top priority, not only for individuals, but organisations too.
In light of the recent data-breaching incidents happening to organisations, many are taking measures to safeguard their information. This has become a vital issue: More than 90 percent of Singaporean organisations experienced at least one data breach in the past year alone.[1] When it comes to personal information and data, every organisation in Singapore is legally obliged to comply with Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) measures, ensuring their collected and stored data is secure.
Data breaches can happen anywhere
Data breaches can occur at any time, to digital and physical data. Most of us assume that once we throw away old devices, such as laptops, mobiles, and hard disks, they are no longer at risk. The truth is far more sinister. Improper e-waste disposal can have deleterious consequences, including exploitation by data mongers and thieves. Ultimately, this can also lead to data theft and fraud for both organisations and individuals.
Prevention is better than cure
When it comes to data breaches and data protection, everyone should play their part in making sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. The holistic approach is important for all members of an organisation.

Simple measures can be put in place to protect personal data, such as by outsourcing to third parties. A professional third party company such as Shred-it, which practices secure data destruction with state-of-the-art shredding and crushing services, ensures your data is permanently destroyed and irretrievable. Such peace of mind is priceless.
Besides physical data destruction, Shred-it also offers secure onsite e-waste shredding. Specialised trucks, in-built with shredding equipment, are sent to the organisations’ preferred locations to assist with securely destroying confidential material.
Shred-it is licenced under the General Waste Disposal Facilities (GWDFs), issued by the National Environment Agency (NEA), to securely destroy e-waste. Strict processes are adhered to, ensuring that shredded materials are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.
As we are moving into the digital era, it very important for both organisations and individuals to make sure all confidential data is completely secured.
Start protecting your business
An organisation that integrates data protection into its business processes can reduce data breach risks and PDPA non-compliance. Learn more about how Shred-it can protect your documents and hard-drives by contacting us for a free quote and security risk assessment.

[1] TODAY: High volume of cyber-attacks in S'pore in past year, mostly ransomware: Report