February 16, 2021

Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Management & Solutions in Singapore

Electronic waste, or e-waste, refers to the disposal of old electrical items such as computers, laptops, mobile phones and TVs. Today, as our world becomes increasingly digital and more devices are produced – and discarded – we’re generating more e-waste than ever, which can be harmful to the planet when disposed of incorrectly.

In Singapore alone, we produce 60,000 tonnes of e-waste annually, which for context, is equivalent to 220 Airbus A380 airplanes, or the same as each of us throwing away 73 mobile phones, every single year!. On a global scale, this rises to 44.7 million metric tonnes, which is on course to hit 52.2 million metric tonnes of e-waste by the end of 2021, according to a recent United Nations Study.

Unsurprisingly, the onus is now increasingly on businesses to do their bit to recycle or dispose of e-waste more responsibly. But many organisations are unsure exactly how best to go about this, combined with the added security risks that arise when we consider the sensitive information that’s often stored on hard drives and other forms of e-media.

Fortunately, Shred-it doesn’t only securely dispose of your electronic waste to ensure that any confidential information remains confidential, we also recycle whatever we can with approved partners to help you reduce your carbon footprint, complete with a certificate of media destruction after every service.

Shred-it protects what matters – and what matters to us is the security of your business and the safeguarding of our environment. So, read on to discover how we can benefit your organisation and give you peace of mind, so you can focus on the all-important task of running your business.

What is electronic waste and what happens to it?

Simply put, e-waste is electronic waste, which can be anything from an old hard drive to an industrial refrigerator. But although the definition of e-waste is broad, the composition of appliances differ and many items contain toxic materials, such as lead, mercury, cadmium and beryllium, so we shouldn’t throw them all in the general waste.

In Singapore, disposing of e-waste can be done via recycling points put in place by recycling programs, to ensure it’s disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way. However, this doesn’t account for the immense amount of confidential data stored within the devices, posing a challenge for businesses who need to get rid of a mountain of unwanted technology every single year – when considering security and environmental impact in the equation.

What are the best ways to manage electronic waste?

From a personal standpoint, it’s always best to seek alternatives to e-waste disposal, where possible. For example, can you repair and re-use the electronic equipment? For businesses in need of office space, however, this may not be an option.

If this is the case, it always pays to partner with a trusted e-waste destruction specialist. By entrusting the services of Shred-it, not only do we recycle components of your e-waste with approved providers, we ensure data is protected at all points during the destruction process, giving you peace of mind that the privacy of your organisation, customers and employees will never fall into the wrong hands.

From the moment we securely pick up your e-waste, Shred-it applies the same proven, state-of-the-art chain of custody protocols for media destruction as we do for document destruction, ensuring safe, secure destruction of your media.

Our world-class services achieve this by using tamper-proof containers, locked trucks to keep e-waste safe in transit and secure, and monitored facilities, where the destruction is carried out. Depending on the requirements of your business, our services can also be booked on a one-off or regularly scheduled basis.

Once complete, you’ll also receive a certificate of destruction confirming that your e-waste has been securely destroyed and recycled. But more than just a certificate, this is your audit trail to demonstrate that your data is no longer at risk and your business is compliant with the PDPA requirements.

Protect your business and our planet with Shred-it Singapore

It’s more important than ever to protect the personal data of your customers and the wellbeing of our planet. Because there’s enough going on without having to be constantly worried about the financial, reputational and environmental damage that can be brought about by the incorrect disposal of e-waste.
Shred-it’s world-class electronic waste destruction services make sure your organisation is protected at all costs, to give you peace of mind and the freedom to focus on the day-to-day success of your business.
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