How Does Shredding and Recycling Paper Help the Environment?

An increasing number of organisations are recognising the environmental and business advantages of recycling paper. According to research, Singapore generated about 1.14 million metric tonnes of paper in 2021, and only 39% of that paper was properly recycled. [1] [2] Here we take a look at the positive impact of recycling paper in Singapore, and how you can implement a paper recycling policy without risking any of your company’s sensitive information.

What are Best Practices for Recycling Paper in a Green Office?

  1. Develop a green office paper recycling policy that champions the three Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle. Focus on reducing paper consumption, for example by setting all printers to default double-sided printing or consider removing all paper cups from the coffee machine and asking staff to bring their own mug from home.
  2. To maximise on all paper recycling opportunities, integrate paper recycling into all departments – from purchasing (purchase only recycled paper) to human resources (employees should be mindful of paper consumption) to materials management (paper should be securely disposed of).
  3. Carefully consider the link between paper recycling and information security. Crime in the workplace is on the rise, and in many cases, the guilty party works for the company so those documents sitting in a recycling bin or waiting in large clear plastic bags by the lift are a magnet for data thieves. Status reports, invoices, performance reviews or even meeting notes can all be sensitive information an unscrupulous individual can use against you, your business and of course, your clients. Consider introducing a Shred-it All Policy with paper shredding services so all documents are shredded when they are no longer needed.
  4. Partner with a professional document destruction provider that has a secure chain of custody including locked bins for documents and secure shredding and shipping for recycling paper. Shredding is easy as you do not need to sort your paper, remove staples, paperclips or other bindings beforehand, as these will easily pass through an industrial shredder and be filtered out during the paper recycling process.
  5. Share the results of your paper recycling efforts with employees. To drive engagement, consider running a ‘Eco Office Awareness Day’ focusing on the financial and environmental advantages of recycling paper. Some shredding companies provide Environmental Certificates that show how many trees they have saved. 

Shred-it can help your business with your office paper recycling needs so you can experience all the advantages of recycling paper first-hand. Find out more about paper shredding services by getting in touch today to see how our services can protect your business, employees, and customers. 



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