October 30, 2019

Information Security & Data Protection Policy

Although small businesses may not realise it, they actually face the same data protection problems as larger businesses. But there’s good news – implementing a sound information security policy and closing some common loopholes doesn't necessarily need big budgets.

Many business owners in Singapore don’t realise that a data security breach will cost them money in lost business and fines, despite research estimating the average cost of a breach at over S$5 million, not to mention the significant damage to their reputation. Having a strong data protection and information security policy is an important part of running any modern business, and ensures that your company will be protected in the digital age. 

The first step in mitigating risks is identifying the threats that your business's info security may face . This simple information security checklist can help small businesses:

  • Identify places data thieves look to steal information
  • Obtain tips for securing digital devices
  • Learn best practices in document management
  • Find easy to implement information security steps that yield big results

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