February 03, 2021

Shred-it's secure shredding process for on site and off site shredding

The risk of a data breach has never been higher… or costlier in terms of fines for non-compliance, lost business and reputation, and legal costs.

Today, all organisations must protect confidential information in their keeping, whether data is on paper or hard drives, or it originates inside the organisation (employee records, company financials) or outside (customer information, patient records).

This quick video explains Shred-it’s information security solutions, which are designed to protect the entire workplace, beginning with a security risk assessment.

Learn about Shred-it’s:
  • Data Security Survey of your workplace;
  • Secure chain of custody processes
  • Tailored on site or off site shredding programme for your business’ needs
  • Shredded paper recycling programme
Choose Shred-it® to protect your confidential information.

Data breaches costs businesses MILLIONS in fines, lost business, and legal costs. Many do not implement information security protocols. Despite laws, regulations, and best practices.

In the wrong hands’ financial reports, employee records, business plans and customer information can put you at risk.

Our information security solutions protect your whole business.

Shred-it® offers secure document destruction, secure hard drive destruction, secure chain of custody to protect your whole business.

How we work

Call or Click a Certified Information Security Professional will come to you and help identify information security risks in your workplace.

We install our secure locked containers around your workplace; from then on, all confidential information goes in there and our Secure Chain of Custody begins.

On your scheduled service day, our Information Security Specialist arrives, we collect and transport your Confidential Documents and Hard Drives to our locked trucks, ready for destruction!

For our On-Site Premium Service, confidential information is destroyed immediately, confirmed by a Certificate of Destruction.

For our Standard Off-Site Service, confidential information is transported to our Secure Facility and destroy, confirmed by a Certificate of Destruction.

On-Site or Off-Site, everything is recycled helping to sustain the planet.

We protect more than just your Confidential Information, we protect your revenue, your reputation, your people, the environment, we protect what matters.